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The goes that offer you ‘combo points’ and completing goes that use mixture points. It is apparent that the more points you have designed up, the more highly effective the completing shift will be when you use it. A Fake will remain behind a concentrate on so less strikes will be dodged/blocked/missed and develop up mixture points. How they choose to develop and use those points and when relies upon a lot on the mob being conducted, the weaponry of the Fake and the abilities of the Fake.
We know Rogues put out more DPS with toxins now, but pre-Wrath of the Lich Expert, a excellent slice of our DPS outcome was from auto attacks/white strikes. We’re seeing many WWS reviews displaying Rogues that can’t keep up with the other genuine DPS sessions on Patch work of all fights. That’s the traditional package and spank fight. And Rogues, the expected best individual concentrate on DPS, can’t keep up with the other sessions.
So we’re seeing a lot of the 5 man/heroic material in Rage of the Lich Expert just need large AoE. Plenty of the managers experience is several stage fights where the administrator will be up, then contributes come in. As regular, people don’t want Rogues for these fights. They want large AoE to just burn through the junk quickly.
So why bring a Rogue? Because the package wants Techniques of the Business placed on him every 30 seconds? We’re losing raid areas to other sessions. Warlocks can just trash Seeds of Data file crime error on junk, they also have Healthstones. Mages can just AoE their way through, there’s also an Intelligence strong and a Mage Table. Seeker can just trash Volley on junk and can misdirect the administrator or additional contributes onto the package.
So why bring a similarly designed Fake that can only do 4k DPS on a package and spank fight when any of the sessions described above can force 5k DPS on the same fight and bring a little additional something for the rest of the raid?
So where does that leave us? Our DPS could use a bit of help, maybe modify the Hit Ranking, so instead of requiring almost 33 Hit Ranking = 1%, modify it to something like 23 or 25 Hit Ranking instead. It doesn’t seem right that at stage 70, we required about 16 Hit Ranking to equivalent 1%, and at stage 80, we need more than double that quantity to reach the same 1%.
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