Talents that help mana regeneration

September 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

The core of our capabilities really focuses on one thing: mana growth. To a certain Runescape Gold level, we have 13 capabilities that effect our mana growth. Some of them

double as DPS capabilities that basically aren’t a choice: Excitement and Center of the Crazy. The staying solutions are all just that — solutions. Furor, Moonglow,

and Dreamstate are all optional; you don’t have to have them to be able to be viable (at least, to a certain degree).
While stabilizing and first gearing yourself at 85, you will need nearly all of the mana growth capabilities to be able to maintain yourself for an encounter. After

you’ve gotten a bit of raiding equipment, you can start to fall aspects from different spots.
First, you can start by switching out aspects from Furor and/or Moonglow into Advantage of the Grove to improve your Moonfire harm. The improve isn’t all that

much and certainly isn’t recognizable during a single-target encounter, but it really contributes up when you are doing the Moonfire AoE junk dance.
After that is where aspects get tricky. There are no additional actual DPS capabilities for you to choose from. At this aspect, the only aspects you can fall mana

growth for are Determination, Gale Wind gusts flow, or Owlkin Craze. Determination is a amazing capability for reducing incoming harm, and I would

recommend getting it should you be able to afford the loss. Neither Gale Wind gusts flow nor Owlkin Craze provide any tangible advantage.
Balance druids do not use Natural disaster, and Storm isn’t used for harm but mostly for the knockback on contributes. The enhanced Cyclone variety is useful

but again not very PvE-centric, given that Cyclone is more of an “OH NOES” CC than a standard one. Owlkin Craze is rather hit or miss. As with every case in

which someone tried to prove the capability useful in Anger, it can all rely on the encounter in query.
Owlkin Craze only procs from strikes that particularly focus on you, not AoE-based capabilities, which is actually very misleading terminology. As an example,

Chim’s Slime capability strikes multiple objectives, but each individual secure is targeted to a specific gamer so it will proc OF. That being said, I’ve used OF for

that encounter, even on brave when you get hit by each and every volley, and not gotten any procs. I also used OF on what’s currently my maximum brave Chim

parse but only had it proc once the whole encounter; the second maximum¬†Cheap MapleStory Mesos didn’t have any OF procs. It basically isn’t a efficient resource of harm.

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